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Alex Horsfall

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Dan Hodgson, Film Director

I am a Palme d’Or and British Independent Film Award nominated writer/director and I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Alex for twenty years - in both a personal and professional capacity - and have collaborated with her on numerous projects. 


Alex is an extremely talented, innovative, and creative individual, who is both whip smart and hilariously funny. Since I’ve known her, she has successfully turned her hand to art, music, film and writing, often interweaving disciplines.   


I’m repeatedly impressed with the manner in which Alex comes up with ideas for projects and embraces them wholeheartedly and with seemingly limitless enthusiasm. She deftly tackles obstacles head on and always sees projects through to completion.


Alex is an extremely good collaborator. I’ve witnessed first hand how people embrace her ideas and work towards her vision, as they are swept along by her sheer enthusiasm and dedication. She is excellent at encouraging and bringing the very best out in others, myself included.  


As much as the project, she is concerned about building a team and creating an enjoyable working environment - the journey and the experience is as valuable to Alex as the final destination, and I believe that this shows in her final work. 


She is assiduous in everything she does and has shown a real passion for the creative arts. She draws inspiration all aspects of culture and I have lost count of the number of times that she has recommended an excellent book, band, song, collection of poems, artist or film, of which I’ve never heard. 


Alex is a delight to know and a pleasure to work with.


Alex is a creative force of nature, bristling with ideas and enthusiasm, and I really cannot recommend her highly enough.

Dan Hodgson



John McNulty, Filmmaker, Film Tutor at EICAR International School of Film and Television, Paris

I am a working American screenwriter now living in Paris for over a decade. I have also been instructing at the EICAR International Film School of Paris for much of that time.

I am writing this recommendation for Alexandra Kate Horsfall who I had the pleasure of teaching a number of years ago in a summer workshop in Paris. The workshop in which Alex participated was a basic, practical film course. Alexandra, who had made short films before, and indeed was there due to her winning first prize in a competition was an eager and open student.

Frankly, there was not much I could teach her on this course from filmmaking, however, like all great artists, she had more to learn from being inspired by the city around her and taking lessons from her classmates which she impressively applied to her short. Martin Scorcese had said that he has never stopped being a student, that there is always more for him to learn despite being a world celebrated filmmaker. I found Alex to be of this ilk. She is a natural leader. She is resourceful, intuitive, curious, and a fearless self-starter.

I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Please contact me if you need any clarifications or have any questions about this exceptional candidate.

John McNulty

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